About Me

Hello everyone,

My experiences throughout life have been rather varied and I feel that as a result I’ve been exposed to a larger amount of things than most.

However, I think that they key point to remember is that having an experience doesn’t mean anything unless we properly learn how to glean or harvest lessons from it. Sadly, I have often had to hit the bottom and hard before I was able to see the weight of the situation, and my desire now is to be more purposeful and focused so that I can know and utilize proper methods, which move me closer to where I know I can be.

Today, I want to share with you about one of the big things that makes me, me.

I have held many positions and types of jobs throughout my thus-far short life of just over 40 years. The main reasons are 1) they weren’t my dream job and 2) most of them were incredibly boring and/or repetitive.

As a result, I have had almost as many jobs as I’ve had years to my life, if you can believe that. I decided to start a list and add to it as I remember more (because I often cannot remember some of the short-term positions I’ve held).

Anyway, there are both good and bad things about this experience:

The good thing is that I have experienced a large amount of interactions with people from many backgrounds, beliefs, social statuses, races, countries, cultures, and more. I know that it has helped me to be more open to the differences of others and try harder to understand them.

The bad thing is that in my own life, it’s caused me to live less-powerfully than I could have in the path that I really desired for myself because I lacked focus and fluttered about from jobs I hated to boring work all because I was just trying to chase a buck–and only a few at that–instead of risking it all on my desired life. I compromised so much in my life, and all because of fear (which is fake) and what others thought I should or shouldn’t do.

I’ve managed to change a bit in the way of growth and that’s good, but it takes time to scrub off all of the trash residue left over from so many years of negligence. I can’t escape all of the consequences of the past, but I can definitely set myself up for a better today and future–and so can you.

Now, I’m going to share with you the “short” list of jobs I can remember having since I got the first one, in chronological order, to the best of my ability and memory:

  1. Working for my dad: mostly washing down houses and painting them. I never got paid but he promised me $5 per hour.
  2. Picking blueberries: I basically did it for a week but then quit because my dad said that any money we make while living in his house was his.
  3. McDonald’s: I worked there for a few hours but was so bored from doing the same four things over and over that I quit.
  4. Cutting firewood for a man who had undergone surgery. He basically said “Cut as much as you like and I’ll pay you for quantity.”
  5. Machine shop: my first full-time job for my best friend’s dad. Worked there right out of high school to save money for college and stayed for just over a year.
  6. Dishwasher at an Italian restaurant. I couldn’t afford to stay in college so I had to go to work and didn’t intend to “drill and press” stuff all day again.
  7. Waiter at a restaurant: I didn’t wash dishes long as it was too easy for me. Moving up to waitstaff in a larger, busier restaurant offered me more interaction and helped to build my social skills.
  8. Bartender: Over time I graduated to waiter trainer and then bartender, which meant an increase in money and responsibility.
  9. Lead Server: After getting married, I switched jobs when one of the managers moved to another restaurant and asked me to come over, also. I liked the guy and saw this as a chance to do something that was less stressful before I moved out of state.
  10. Restaurant manager, actor, and sword fighter: around this time I had gotten married and moved to another state, where I started working at a themed restaurant where I not only saw to management duties, but also performed nightly as, well, a knight. It was fun for a while but the boss was a very hateful man who drove all the staff away. Sad.
  11. Cook: after the other restaurant began to fall apart and ultimately close down, I switched over to a friend’s diner where I spent 100% of my time in the kitchen.
  12. Electronics store salesman: I actually worked at a famous chain store where I was trained in and sold some of the very first digital TVs on the market, as well as video cameras and point-and-click cameras.
  13. Internet business assistant: I went back to my hometown before my daughter was born and worked for a small stock-picking web company. This was my first introduction to not only internet-based business and website building, but also learning how to trade stocks, which I began to dabble in shortly after.


To Be Continued… 🙂