Mt. Fuji Sunrise

Hello Friends & Welcome

I live outside my home country of America, and though I understand and respect–to a degree–the various countries and systems on earth, I do not claim to support them nor wish them ill.

What I do wish is for all people to be shaken hard enough to awake from their slumber. As an amateur filmmaker, this is my priority and it is my dream that my legacy will be the greatest filmmaker who ever lived, not because I entertained everyone so skillfully, but rather that I was able to turn each person’s gaze onto the most important things and effect the most beneficial changes we could possibly know.

If you have a heart, then we can be friends, for we are already family. If, however, no heart can be found within you, then I will put you behind me with all haste for I will give no ground to those who would attempt to corrupt my purpose in any way.

Indeed, to raise your hand up against one’s purpose when one has decided upon its completion is futile.

-Brandon A. English
March 12th, 2018