success is sticking to your best method daily

Success is a Daily Journey of Discipline, Not a Destination


A Short Post by Brandon A. English

Success is not found within the study of English, or any language.

Nor is it obtained by the acquisition of things, people, or money.

The earmark of success, while simple, is not so willingly accepted,

Because to fully become what or who we want to be, it takes more.

More is required than simply wanting, desiring, hoping, or dreaming.

For us to acquire that which we yearn or long for, in self or in life,

Discipline is required to initiate, habituate, and perpetuate.

Being successful has never been about winning “in the end,”

Nor has it ever been relegated as merely being “number one,”

Neither is it the base form of “getting ahead” nor “keeping up” with others.

success is what we do daily not if we win

True success is about the here and now.

True success is about what we are doing today.

True success is the walk and not the talk.

True success is the path, the journey, and never the destination,

For, ultimately, when all is said and done and if we have learned it,

The true destination was indeed the journey itself,

And the daily discipline of that journey guarantees success.

It is the purest form of success.

Focus, then, on our daily actions and our methods, for to have mastery here,

Is to have mastery of our lives and, inevitably, success.


-March 16th, 2018